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Gyula Elekes
August 26, 1960, Székelyudvarhely -

"I worked as teacher in drawing, advertising graphic artist in the machine-tool industry and I taught enamelling art in Austria, Germany and Spain. During a five year long period I led a professional theatre as well as a folkdance group. Since nine years back I am the director of the Culture House in Székelyudvarhely. In parallel with this, I teach enamelling art in my home town, and occasionally in Soltvadkert, Kiskőrös and Keszthely (Hungary), Hildesheim (Germany) and La Coruna (Spain)."

Gyula Elekes



I studied graphic art in Marosvásárhely (Romania) and graduated from high-school in 1979. I started to experience with the art of enamelling in 1980 and this process is still kept on. Later on I studied in German and Spanish private schools and at workshops. During the period 1990-2007 I was invited and participated every year, except for one occasion, at the International Symposium of Enamelling Art in Kecskemét (Hungary). I have received great help to improve my professional knowledge from the painter artist Endre Turi and the art historian Gábor Pap. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to work - as sponsored participant - one month per year, during the period 1990-1994, at the International Workshop of Art of Enamelling in Kecskemét (Hungary). For five years I received a yearly scholarship from the National Cultural Foundation (Budapest). I was on a work- and study tour in Germany (1992, 1994, 2001), invited by the enamelling artists Hiltrud Blaich and Bernward Horn, and in Spain (1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2008), invited by the enamelling artist Julia Ares.


2011 Pro Cultura Hungarica Award

2011 Grand Prize of Bács-Kiskun County, Hungary

Solo exhibitions

1990 Gutenberg Gallery – Budapest, Hungary
1991 City Museum – Székelykeresztúr, Romania
1993 Sparkasse Gallery – Baden, Austria
           Ady Endre Cultural Centre – Soltvadkert, Hungary
           Petőfi Sándor Cultural Centre – Kiskőrös, Hungary
1994 Kossuth Cultural Centre – Cegléd, Hungary
           City Hall – Vác, Hungary
           Lábasház – Sopron, Hungary
1995 Institute of Fine Arts – Hildesheim, Germany
1996 Palacio Municipal – La Coruna, Spain
1997 Ares Gallery – La Coruna, Spain
1998 Ady Endre Cultural Centre – Soltvadkert, Hungary
1999 Dél Balaton Cultural Centre – Siófok, Hungary
          Burg Neuhaus – Wolfsburg, Germany
          Pázmány Péter Catholic University – Piliscsaba, Hungary
2000 City Mayor’s Office – Tihany, Hungary
          XII. ker. City Mayor’s Office – Budapest, Hungary 
          Ministry of Finances – Budapest, Hungary
2001 Skansen – Törökbálint, Hungary
2002 Cultural Centre – Wolfsburg, Germany
2003 Cultural Centre – Deidesheim, Germany
          Norwegen Galerie – Tönning, Germany 
          Dél Balaton Cultural Centre – Siófok, Hungary
          Culture House – Balatonfenyves, Hungary
          Ungerska Huset – Stockholm, Sweden
          Cultural Centre – Soltvadkert, Hungary
2004 Palacio Municipal – La Coruna, Spain
2005 Petőfi Sándor Cultural Centre – Kiskőrös, Hungary
          Balaton Cultural Centre – Keszthely, Hungary
2006 Catholic Church – Fót, Hungary
2007 Kortárs Gallery – Tatabánya, Hungary
          Cultural Centre – Százhalombatta, Hungary
          Cultural Centre – Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
          Conference Centre – Balatonfüred, Hungary
2008 Balaton Cultural Centre – Keszthely, Hungary
          Galeria Petronioarte – Santiago de Compostela, Spain
          Ungerska Huset – Stockholm, Sweden

         Cultural Centre - Törökbálint, Hungary
         Unitarian Gallery – Budapest, Hungary
2010 Hungarian Cultural Centre - Moscow, Russia
         Slovakian Cultural Centre - Moscow, Russia
         Komi Köztársaság Képviselete – Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia
         Cultural Centre - Székelyudvarhely, Romania
         Hungarian Cultural Institute – Bucharest, Romania
         Balaton Cultural Centre – Keszthely, Hungary
         City Mayor's Office - Hévíz, Hungary

Group exhibitions

Romania: Bucharest, Kolozsvár, Székelyudvarhely
Hungary: Kecskemét, Debrecen, Szombathely, Baja, Győr, Siófok, Esztergom, Eger
Switzerland: Nussbaumen
Czech Republic: Prague
Denmark: Viborg
France: Vienne, Poitiers
Germany: Coburg

China: Beijing

Works in public collections

My works are represented in several public and private collections and museums in Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, United States, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden and Japan.